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Balance Games

Do you have mad engineering skills? Are you good at balancing virtual items? With our collection of Flash Balance Games, you can test how well you can do. Some of the games even have leaderboards that will let you enter your name as a top scorer. You really need to be good at physics to get a handle on these games, but they can be quite addicting once you know what you're doing.
How high can you build your tower or structure? That's the question you're gonna have to answer. Stacking seems easy - and it is - but the physics in these games will really test your skills at balancing virtual objects. Two of the more popular titles we have are Super Stacker 2 and Tower Blaster. If you really want a challenge, we recommend trying Totem Destroyer. You have a totem on top of a set of bricks. The goal is to remove as many of the bricks as you can without the totem falling over. As with our other Flash Balance games, the levels get harder the further you get in the game. Do you have what it takes to keep everything from toppling over? Time to find out!