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Fishing Games

Do you want to fish but is it cold and rainy outside? Or maybe you don't own a boat? Or perhaps you just don't want to hurt the poor little fish. In any case, look no further. No need to go sit outside for hours waiting for a fish to bite. You can fish all you want right here.

Do you like to fish? If you do, you're going to love our best Flash fishing games. No matter which you choose, you're going to find the hours pass by as you relieve stress by catching all types of fish. Some of the games are simulations that try to be as accurate as possible while others are all about the fun, but this means we have something for all types of sports gamers. It's time to throw your line in the lake or ocean and see what you can bring up.
To start with, we recommend Fisherman Sam. While deceptively simple, this fishing video game is addicting. The early levels are fairly easy so you can get accustomed to the easy controls, but as you progress, you're going to need to bring in more and more money by capturing smaller and faster fish. Make sure to avoid the poisoned ones so you don't lose any money! You're a true fisherman if you can make it to the last level of this game. We also think you may like Harpoon Lagoon or Fishing Champion, which are two of the best Flash fisherman games that allow you to really experience the thrill of casting a line and seeing if you can snag a prize fish. They're both a little different, but everyone should be able to find a game to pass the time with virtual fishing.