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Skateboarding Games

Always wanted to be the next Tony Hawk? Now you can! Play these games to practice your Skateboard tricks! Try an ollie, land an eggplant or go for the 360 kick flip. As much fun as the real thing, but much safer!

When it comes to Flash skateboarding games to play online, we have something for everyone. If you're an action gamer or someone who likes to solve puzzles, we're sure to have a title for you to play when you have the time. You can play any of the great video games in this section for free online. One of the best skateboarder games we have is Skate Challange. As the name suggests, this title is challenging to the max. If you can shred and do tricks, you will be able to rack up a high score, but you may need a little time to practice before you get the gameplay mechanics down.
For something a little different, try Sewer Skater, which is a side scroller skateboarding adventure. Do you have the skills needs to get to the final level? You'll only be able to find out if you sit down and play. Be prepared to spend a while in front of the computer trying to get the best score! We have all sorts of great skateboarding Flash games you can play online. No matter your skill level, we're sure you'll find something in this category that gets your blood pumping. From platformer games with skateboarders to pure racing games to those filled with stunts and tricks, we have something for all types of gamers.