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We have some of the best Flash football games online. All of the titles in this section are free to play online. This means you can try as many games as you want until you find the perfect sports game to pass the time. If you're a fan of football (or even soccer), you're going to love the selection of video games we have for you to play. In World Cup Shoot Out, it's just a shooter and a goalie. Still, this game manages to be very exciting. With practice, you might be able to get a high score. This is one of our favorite Flash soccer games because it's so simple but fun at the same time.
For a really simple soccer game you can play online for free, try EK Heads. The graphics are very cartoonish, but that doesn't affect the game mechanics at all. In fact, this easy to master soccer match game will keep you entertained for hours. Can you get a goal in one? That's what you need to try to do in the Goal In One game. While the levels are easy in the beginning, you're going to be really challenged in the later levels. How good are your sports skills? You can find out with any of the games in this category.