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Yetisports is a series of online games that started with the famous penguin clubbing game that first appeared in January 2004. Since then the franchise has been applied to many different gaming concepts, creating funny and addicting flash games. Look no further, because we've collected them all for you. Enjoy!

Looking for addictive and funny Flash games? You have found the right category. Our yetisports games are based on the famous clubbing penguins game from 2004. With these variations, you get all the adventure and excitement with slightly different variations of the common theme - a cold locale and lots of fighting. The game Hit The Penguin is a lot like the game that started this genre. The gameplay is simple and intuitive, but you're going to have to practice some in order to get the highest score possible. This is a funny and silly game that will keep you entertained.

Another great yetisports game we like is Bloody Seal Bounce. In this one, you need to toss a penguin in the air and bounce it just the right way so that you can get the most points. You're going to end up playing this game for a while if you start playing. In Flamingo Drive you use a flamingo to hit the penguin. Can you get the most distance and add a little style and flair at the same time? This game is challenging, funny and hilarious. As with all of our other yetisports Flash games, this one is free to play online!