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BMX Games

BMX is dangerous, everybody knows that. Are you a real thrill seeker but you don't want to risk breaking all your bones and spend the rest of your life in a wheelchaird? Try these online BMX games. Race, stunt and jump your way through various level, all with extreme challenges!

Riding a BMX bike and doing tricks and stunts can be fun but a little dangerous. With our Flash BMX games, you don't need to worry about getting hurt. Racing games are fun, but when you add the element of jumps and tricks to the equation, videogames quickly become great. This is the case with our free stunt bike games you can play online..
In Bmx Extreme you can ride your bike up and over ramps to do a variety of stunts. The better the tricks you pull off, the higher your score. If you're good enough, you might be able to get the high score on one of the leaderboards. If that one doesn't look good, you can also try BMX Park or Free Wheels which are both good as well. If you love jumping, our BMX Flash games are going to keep you entertained for a while. The best part thing about them is that you can play for free online. If you like racing bikes and doing tricks on ramps, we think you're going to find your new favorite game in this category. Are you able to make it through all the different courses and make it to the end?