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Table Tennis

Table Tennis, or Ping Pong originated as a sport in Britain during the 1880s, at that time it was known as Wiff-Waff. Allthough the name changed, the principle stays the same: Two bats, One small ball and One net. We have a lot of different Ping Pong games here for you to try!

If you like to play Flash table tennis games, you're on the right webpage! We have taken a lot of time to collect the very best titles in this category so you can play for free online whenever you want. This game takes a bit of skill, but we have video games for all types of gamers - even you! For a thrilling three dimensional game, check out Ping Pong 3D. This is the table tennis you know and love, but this games makes it even more thrilling to play online. You're going to need to do well to get the highest score, but we think you're going to have fun while trying.

For a mouse-only table tennis Flash game, try Legend Of PingPong. Because all the controls are handled with the mouse, you can concentrate on the game more than where your fingers are on the keyboard! You might become addicted to this video game, so be careful! We even have a Halloween themed title. In Creepy Pong, you're playing a normal game of table tennis, but everywhere you look there's something related to Halloween. You can play this game anytime during the year. You don't need to wait for the holiday!