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Olympic Games

Here you can find all your favourite Olympic Sports! Archery, Marathon and of course the 110m Hurdles. Become the ultimate Olympic Champion by completing all the games!

Have you ever dreamed of getting a gold medal? With our Olympic Flash games, you can try to get a bronze, silver or gold in a variety of different competitions. For sports gamers, these titles are a great way to pass the time. One of the best Olympic games you can play online is Micro Olympics. You're in charge of shooting a robot out of a cannon. Getting height and distance are both important. If you do well enough, you might get the high score. This isn't an Olympic game you're used to, but it's fun to play.
Another great sports game is China 2008, which allows you to compete in the 2008 Olympics. The controls are simple, but it's tough to get first place and win the golf. If you practice enough, you might be able to win the most medals in all the sports. If you like running games, you should try Sprint Game, which allows you to make a mad dash so you can win the race. This is one of our best Flash Olympic games to play online. The best part is that all of the titles in this category are free to play.