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Drawing Games

Do you like to draw and doodle? Now you can do it online without wasting paper with our collection of Flash drawing games. From simple to advanced, we have something for all types of artists. Some of the titles are just art programs that let you create works of art, but others integrate drawing skills into a fun game. If you want to know what we mean, you really need to play one of the games on this page.
Ice Breaker 2 is a great example of what's available in this category. In this Flash drawing game, you need to cut ice by drawing lines through it. This will let you free the Vikings, which give you points. For the highest score, try to free the Viking in the fewest number of moves possible. The more you play, the more you will want to keep playing. Two other popular drawing games you can play online are Mechanism 2 and Mechanism 3. They're both a lot of fun and can keep you entertained and occupied for hours at a time. For anyone who likes to use their brain and wants a turn-based game that includes drawing lines and more, you've found the best webpage on the entire Internet.