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Soccer Games

If you like playing Flash soccer games, we have a lot of great titles. Whether you call it football or soccer, these sports games are a lot of fun. Some are just concerned with penalty shots, but others are full featured games that let you play an entire season. Can you take your team to the championships? In King Of Defenders the ball comes to you and it's your job to use your head (literally) to bounce the ball into the goal. This game takes a little practice, but you'll have hours of fun trying to score the most points against the goalie.
For something more, try Premiere League Foosball, which is a great Flash soccer video game you can play online whenever you have some spare time. You can choose your team and take them all the way to the championship games if you're good enough. Time is limited in The Champions 3D, but this adds to the excitement as you try to score as many goals as you can before the timer runs out. You can choose your team and have other options as you play as well. For soccer fans, this Flash game is the one to try first.