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7.5 / 10 - 119

Animal Athletics

Compete in the Animal Athletics! In this game, you can choose between three different events. You can choose to Javelin, pole vault, or hurdles. In the Javelin event, you will use your mouse to set the snake's (javelin) angle. Press the "Z" and "X" keys alternately to run and gain speed. Press the space bar to release the javelin! Try to throw it as far as you can! In the pole vault, drag the bar up and down to set the height. Press the "Z" and "X" button alternately to gain speed. Press the space bar to drop the pole before the jump, and then again to jump. Try to jump over the bar! Finally, in the hurdles event, roll your mouse around the hamster ball in a clockwise direction. Hit space to jump over obstacles. If you get stuck, press the Up arrow to get rescued. Good luck!

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